Ways to Help Improve Email Marketing

by DigiFogs | On August 7, 2020 | Under Marketing

Email Marketing

Emails are the lifeline for a lot of brands in order to survive in this era of intense competition especially in the digital marketing universe. Out of several different marketing channels, email service that can help cover many levels of a brand’s/organization’s engagement with customers in a single instance. It can engage a new prospect, educate them, groom them, tempt them with a lucrative incentive, thank them for buying, learning from their preferences so they can be served better, and be delighted.

Somehow, each email campaign always is unable to achieve the level of perfection ever email marketer strives to and wishes to achieve. Despite its widespread application, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Here are some tips to improve email marketing each business and marketer should understand:

Improving the Email’s Deliverability

One of the best ways to do this is to ask subscribers to subscribe to the whitelist. When an email is not delivered, it is a lost opportunity. When subscribers whitelist the email address, their ISP tags the business’s emails as credible and thus this improves the sender’s reputation indirectly. Moreover, the email has more chances of reaching the subscriber’s inboxes instead of the spam folder.

Also, the email list should be checked and cleaned periodically. This is another method of boosting the email’s deliverability. The hygiene and credibility of email lists deteriorate by 22.5% annually and unless and until businesses eliminate or re-engage with their inactive subscribers, they are wasting time and their efforts by sending them emails.

Removing out the hard bounces, dormant subscribers, and competition from the mailing list, the number of spam complaints is reduced by a large margin and also results in cost savings because ESPs can charge brands for the number of leads and subscribers in the database.

Making Improvements to Customer Engagement

One of the first ways to do this is segmenting the list based on customer behavior. Most brands use demographics to segment their customer list and get exceptional outcomes in terms of open rates of emails.

Marketers who are looking to improve customer engagement also need to segment the list based on customers’ behavioral triggers. Identification of behaviors needing targeting like new leads, cart leavers, inactive subscribers, and the like is needed. Secondly, doing when you are doing a press release for businesses should understand how they want them to move forward in the customer journey.

Experiment with different send timings works too. Determining the optimum send times for the email campaigns through trial and error is a helpful method. While different brands have different send times, they must keep experimenting even when they pinpoint their own favorite sending times.

They should take note of the hours that have the maximum traffic on their website and send an email at that time. It does make a difference.

Having a detailed preference center is a must. Though this is applicable to brands that have a lot to offer or when the customers have a multitude of content choices, it is always important to provide the link to the preference center.

This will keep the customers engaged with the content that interests them a lot without being overwhelmed by a large influx of marketing emails when they no longer have the requirement.

Personalized onboarding is helpful. When a new prospect subscribes, they have limited information about the brand and wishes to learn about how they can provide a solution to their pain points. Instead of onboarding them with a single bland welcome email, brands should be innovative.

They should try sending a series of emails further making the onboarding process simple. They should survey the email subscribers about their pain points and their responses can help them curate and serve content that serves their interests best.

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