Struggling with Guest Blogging? Here’s What SEO Team Needs

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Guest Blogging

Guest blogging a.k.a guest posting is primarily done to give SEO ranking a boost. Another motive is to develop a pathway to build beneficial networking with potential customers. Your input as a guest for a company’s website is not only advantageous for attracting new readers but also becomes a credible source to gain optimal ranking in search engines.

What’s the secret to SEO that wins new business opportunities and customers? Empathetic Content.

And, when it comes down to content writing services, guest blogging demonstrates a beneficial array to generate organic traffic to the website. Though feeding the people with informative content and endorsing one’s brand is noteworthy, what if this technique in the SEO process is regarded as a reason for the Google penalty.

Moving forth, this writing would consider a bunch of recommendations for SEO teams concerning the matter as mentioned above.

  1. Spamming is a Digital Sin 

Businesses maintain the practice of guest blogging to acquire organic traffic and more backlinks, but spamming land them into the penalty. We all know that access to everything is bad, then how come an SEO plan will turn productive if you over-flatter your statements.

Now, what is there for SEO?

Indeed, Google doesn’t appreciate overly done guest blogging. On the other side of the equation, if the very word “Guest Blog” has unique and unmatching content that ensures the quality then things will surely not get worse.

Spammy content is not likable by anyone. Conclusively, adhering terms and conditions of sites with original content through guest bloggers will surely make an effect on the SEO ranking.

  1. Social Sharing will be Helpful

Obtaining referral traffic from the guest posts in an alternate way could be achieved.

Using blog sites that believe in providing the manifold benefits to guest bloggers. Social sharing of guest blogger’s posts certainly takes the scenario on a different level. Opening more avenues with tweets and shares facilitate in gaining traffic organically.

Stimulating SEO strategy with this method will boost the rankings and the exasperating feature where fake bloggers hunt the content should be condemned.

  1. Make Use of Content Explorer

When everyone tries not to incorporate guest posts and move with social sharing and processes that do not lead to any sort of penalty, then must have superlative ideas for great blogs in the bucket.

Content Explorer by Ahrefs is a pretty good platform. Another option is the Blog Ideas Generator – a free tool from HubSpot that will help you keep your content fresh.

Discerning is, where the SEO team is already struggling with keywords and optimization tasks, then the role of content explorer should be splendid. Go with the premium content and target the moderate blogs. In this way, scaling up the link building plan could be smoothening.

  1. Why Not Video Content?

Doesn’t it sound interesting? Moving a step aside from content writing is not something we forget about. This approach could be utilized wisely and would give leverage to generating more links.

So, what should be done? Make short videos about product demos, webinars and interviews would be a plus and upload them on various renowned mediums e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo, etc. Do fill keyword bars with accurate matches and engage the audience fruitfully.

  1. Worthy Splintering Technique

Seeking more audience calls for splintering technique. What is it?

Building the links could be a lot easier if a “giant” article gets divided into the standalone articles. 

You could count on the discrete articles having valuable knowledge with separate titles extracted from a masterpiece. Consider it as publishing more than a couple of research articles from a thesis.

What will happen? More journals, citations, readers and research impact, etc. Submit these splinters to diverse blogs and get ready for more traffic.

  1. Google My Business

This innovative tool shouldn’t be left apart. Manage your listing to observe how your business appears in search engines, Maps, and Google+. Local SEO search resonates with Google My Business pretty well.

To stand out the competition, just fill-up the required details on a postcard from Google. After verification, you could easily see how many subscribers, visitors, and clicks with time to capture the insight of your efforts. SEO planning could be molded based on the outcomes. 

Final Thoughts:

As agreed, we came up with some solutions which, and if adopted by search engine optimizers then the consequences could be desirable. These tactics can bring more than expected results; both for bloggers and SEO teams. Coming all of the ways around the use of empathetic content and its application strategically will surely take you a step up.

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