Seven Tips to Stay Organized as a Project Manager

by DigiFogs | On September 24, 2020 | Under Technology

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Being a project manager, you should possess organizational skills. Because staying organized is necessary for driving a project to success. There are several strategies on how to stay organized as a project manager.

Here are seven incredible tips to help you stay organized.

1. Setting priorities

It is difficult for a project to take off and successfully operate if you do not have any priorities defined. Setting priorities will help you and your team have a clear picture of what works and what works require urgency. Your team members must be completely aware of the priorities set to avoid confusion while assigning tasks later.

Setting priorities will also help you in keeping track of how your team members are performing. A project manager will know what problems arrive at each step and how to solve it efficiently when priorities are set.

2. Defining deadlines

Having deadlines is another important step in keeping your project organized. It assures that you and your team members have a clear idea of what task requires completion at the earliest so that they are never out of track for the project. Ensure there is an even balance in the deadlines for the easier and difficult tasks.

At times, your team member may feel mental pressure due to deadlines. Make sure that deadlines set are achievable and does not burn out your team member resulting in a poor quality of output. It is also important as a project manager that you explain to them how important their role for the project is, citing the immense responsibilities showered on them with confidence.

3. Setting milestones and goals

As a project manager, you do not focus only on the long-term goal, i.e., project completion. It is generally advisable to break up goals into milestones and assigning the team members with specific milestones. It even helps in tracking the progress of the project easily. Ensure to assign milestones by the skill sets each team member possesses and always avoid providing them with an impossible task.

Setting milestones can ease the pressure on your team members too. A team member will have a clear idea of his role in the project and work rather than focus on their entire project.

Setting a milestone does not mean there should not be any emphasis on the goals. It is necessary to have short term and long-term goals that are set following the milestones. Like the milestones, goals do help you keep track of the project and help your team members to have an idea of what they need to achieve for the project’s success.

Project managers should take special attention in appreciating the team members while achieving each milestone to keep them motivated. On successful completion of goals, a project manager should celebrate with the team members. A celebration with your team members will help create a better bond and keep them motivated for the tasks upfront.

4. Communicating within the team

Effective communication should be a part of every organization. Ensure that your team members have an opportunity to discuss their concerns and suggestions for the project so that they will have a positive attitude while working on the project. Ensure you provide clear directions to your team members about how their work should progress and how they achieve their goals.

If the plan changes suddenly, the team members may find it difficult to cope with it. Effective communication addressing the situation will help them understand the situation and aid in completing the project successfully.

It is important to have communication and trust within the team to complete a project successfully. As a project manager, you must take the initiative to have regular meetups with your team members. Most people prefer attending a meeting at 2.30 pm on Tuesdays as per a study by on 500,000 meetings.

As the current pandemic situation has forced for virtual meetings, it also is advisable to organize meetings at a suitable time for all the team members. It may seem difficult considering the different time zones in case your team members are from different parts of the world. In such situations, it is better to conduct a meeting on a rotation basis so that everyone gets their time of preference for the meeting.

5. Using templates and automation for scheduling

Being a project manager, you are always busy. Here, the use of technology can aid you in saving some of your time. Using templates for spreadsheets or reports can save a lot of time.

Similarly, emailing, preparing reports, or scheduling meetings or events attain more efficiency using automation tools, and project managers must be making use of them. Google Calendar is a good tool to manage and schedule your meetings, deadlines, or events.

It would save you time and help you keep track of your team members’ efforts and the project’s progress as a whole. There are plenty of tools to select on the web.

6. Keeping track of the progress

Progress reports help the project manager keep track of the project and the team members’ performance daily. The reports give insights into whether the project is in line with the initial goals or any urgent action required in case of any slowing down.

Reports also keep your team members informed on their deadlines for the milestones. Keeping an eye on the reports will make them productive to show that they complete their tasks within the deadline.

7. Using project management software

Project management software is very important for a project manager. It helps in making all the tasks easier. Planning a project, assigning a task to a team member, or tracking their progress are easy tasks for the software. It helps you get all the filing system in one place so that all your team members can readily access it, speeding up the project.

By saving a lot of time by the software, you can invest your energy in other areas of requirement. Plenty of project management software is available in the market. You must choose the best suitable for your needs.

Staying organized as a project manager

project manager has to put many efforts to make sure the team members are performing well enough to achieve the set goals. Staying organized helps you inspire your team, who always looks for your expertise to achieve the goals. So these are some strategies on how to stay organized as a project manager.

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