Get an SSL Certificate for Your Domain – Make Your Website More Secure

by DigiFogs | On June 10, 2020 | Under Technology

Website security has become an essential aspect of today’s digital world. Today, all of us have been using sites to communicate, transfer money, or send sensitive information.

Exchanging information in these scenarios has become extremely difficult for us as we are not aware of the security features. So, sharing information between two unknown parties is not possible without trust. A security certificate can be that bridge between these parties that can fill the gap. The certificate provides safety for the person on the other side to share their sensitive information.

Most websites use these certificates to protect the data and build trust among users. These certificates are very affordable and easy to use.

Let’s look at how you can get one for your website and make it more secure.

How to Get an SSL Certificate for your Domain

When a website is secured through an SSL certificate, it encrypts the data between the user’s browser and the webserver. So, the information is secured, and the hackers and other middlemen won’t have access to it.

After installing the SSL certificate on your website, the users will be able to see a padlock on their browser that indicates it is protected. This padlock ensures the users that they can securely send data over to the webserver.

Here are some things you need to do to install an SSL certificate.

Get A Dedicated Hosting For Your Domain – You must ensure that you end up buying dedicated hosting for your website and don’t fall into the trap of shared hosting for a lower price. Shared hosting is not suitable for any site, and you’ll also find it hard to install the certificate on it.

Check Your Hosting Plan – The best way to get an SSL certificate is by looking at your hosting service provider. If they provide the service of an SSL certificate, then you must get it from them before seeking third-party solutions.

When you have all the things from the same provider, you’ll be able to manage it without any trouble.

If it is not included in the hosting plan, check if they offer it for an additional fee. If that’s the case, then you need to purchase it from them.

Use A Trusted Vendor – Well, there are many vendors available out there, and you have to pick the best one. The vendor will provide you the certificate only when you’ve proved the ownership and identity of the website. And the details needed will depend on what kind of certificate needed from you.

Activate SSL Certificate – Once you have a certificate, the next thing that you need to do is activate it. If it is from your web host, then you can activate it on your server.

It requires one to generate a CSR, and that can be found in the SSL/TLS area. You have to generate the CSR and share it with the vendor to verify the identity and purpose of the certificate.

Installing – After the SSL process, you’ll receive the certificate on your mail, and you can begin the installation.

Don’t worry, and it is one of the easiest things you’ll have to do on a website. You need to open SSL certificates content and copy it and then paste it in the appropriate place reserved on cPanel. Or you can also browse for the certificate file on the server from there. This may differ for most hosting providers. Take help from your hosting company if need be.

So, this way, you can get an SSL certificate for your domain and make your website more secure.

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