Best Tablet Producers with Balance in Features

by DigiFogs | On July 13, 2020 | Under Technology

samsung tab


Ergonomic and with a modern and sinuous line, the Galaxy Camera is very comfortable to hold. It weighs only 300 grams, somewhere between a phone and a 7-inch tablet. It is also thin enough to be stored in your jacket or pants pocket without being affected by any hassle. The rear part is totally occupied by the large touch display, which can be compared to that of a high-end smartphone both in terms of responsiveness and in terms of contrast and sharpness.

The menus and functions of Android are easily accessible, as well as the management of the photographic settings. in the upper part, instead, we find the shutter button around which there is the classic ring command for zoom management, plus the text for turning on and off. The front lens, if extended, slightly unbalanced the grip.

The tablet ensures to offer best experience in viewing websites also. In fact, we have tested by visiting some of the 10 best web development platforms to confirm the quality.

The overall dimensions and weight of the cover-board have remained the same, with a thickness of 5 mm and a weight of 200 grams.

The version of the operating system has obviously been updated, which is now Android in version 4.2.0 Jelly Bean, with Google certification and therefore full access to the Play Store. Archos has also included the Office-Suite Pro 6 app in its standard software, which allows users to view, edit and create documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats.


The Rove includes three USB 3.0 ports, to connect a printer and other peripherals, and although there is no Ethernet interface, HP provides a USB / Ethernet adapter for wired connections. The i3 processor doesn’t offer great performance, but the 5,400 rpm disk is paired with an 8 GB SSD which adds a bit of sprint to the overall performance and allows it to get a score of 3,255 points with PCMark 7.

He can easily run Microsoft Office, and with not too demanding photo / video editing operations. Of course, the large hard drive has enough space for multimedia files. Turning to the recreational field, the performances are not significant. The integrated HD 4400 graphics card only manages to reach 18 fps when playing Stalker: Call of Pripyat at a resolution of 1,600 × 900, and 23.5 fps at 1,280 × 720, so games will be limited to 2D titles. Obviously the Rove will not be carried in a backpack, but it is still light enough to be carried from one room to another. You can use it with the keyboard and mouse on a desk if you need to work, and then take it to the bedroom to watch a movie.

The large screen requires a lot of battery power, which is why the Rove manages to reach just 3.5 hours (210 minutes) when watching a streaming video. However, it is more than enough to watch a movie, considering that, using it mainly at home, it will never be too far from an electrical outlet.

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